Badger Is Confused As To Why The Coyote Is Leading Him Into A Dark Tunnel At Night

“Peninsula Open Space Trust” has released an adorable footage showing the endearing friendship between a coyote and a badger. This footage was captured by a night vision camera outside a tunnel passing under a California freeway.

Source: Peninsula Open Space Trust – POST/YouTube

In this clip, we see a coyote anxiously stretching his head outside the tunnel as he waits for his badger friend. Soon, we see a badger slowly pacing toward the tunnel.

The coyote diligently watches over his little friend as he crawls his way to the tunnel. When the badger finally makes it, the coyote guides him through the tunnel for their nightly adventure together!

As badgers are naturally slow-moving creatures, it is impossible for them to keep up with fast-paced coyotes. However, this coyote shows incredible empathy by acknowledging the speed variable and patiently waiting for the badger to catch up!

Source: Peninsula Open Space Trust – POST/YouTube

Wildlife observers have noticed that coyotes and badgers share a remarkably symbiotic bond with each other. In fact, many coyotes move away from their pack because they prefer to hunt with badgers.

Even though badgers and coyotes are intrinsically different species, their hunting instincts prove to be quite complementary.

“When coyotes and badgers team up, the pairs track small, burrowing animals such as prairie dogs and ground squirrels. If the prey is above ground, the coyote usually chases it down, and the badger takes over the hunt if the prey descends underground. And not only do they find food together, but coyotes also have more success in this partnership than if they go it alone. Coyotes with badger cohorts catch an estimated one-third more ground squirrels than solo coyotes.” [Source: HowStuffWorks].

Animals and their unlikely friendships and partnerships never fail to amaze us!

Click the video below to watch the coyote and the badger’s cute friendship as they head off into the tunnel!

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