Dog Who Had Turned To Stone Looks So Different Now That He Has A Home

Dog Who Had Turned to “Stone” Loves When His New Mom Wraps Him Up in a Towel

A stray in De Doorns had evaded rescuers for over year while struggling to survive all alone in the township.

With each passing day he got sicker and sicker and his fur had turned to stone, but he was so afraid of humans.

Thankfully, he ended up in the hands of Sidewalk Specials!

The dog was finally pinned down with the help of a plastic bottle, and his life was just now truly beginning!

It wasn’t long before he started wagging that tail showing that he understood these people were here to help.

Crumb’s fosters met him upon arrival at the vet, and they’d return every week for treatment and continue working with him at home.

As much as they wanted to keep the dog, his foster mom had to go back to New York. So in stepped Linda! She saw Crumby’s worth and just had to have him.

He would have to learn how to be a pet and get along with her other dog, but it all worked out in the end. And Crumb sure does love being wrapped in his blanket!

From the garbage to a forever home, see the sweet boy now. 🙂

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