Cute 6-Week Old Boxer Puppies Playing

This Boxer Mommy loves to play with her babies. She, like any loving and responsible mother would be, takes the time to play with each of her puppies.

You can see and feel the love and energy between this young boxer mom JuneBug and her playful 6 week old Boxer puppies. The physical contact, the strength in the bonding undeniable caring. Love this!

At 2:43 the pup punched the mom in the face! And at 3:24… well, watch to find out what happens! It's the best part of the entire video! …and I almost fell off my chair! LOL! It will brighten up your day, I'll guarantee it!

It doesn't get any sweeter than this! I can’t get enough of this. We may just have found mother of the year!

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