10+ Unbelievably Cute Puppies That Can Sleep Anywhere, Anytime

Having a bad day? Having a bad week? Having a bad month?

Boy, do we have the cure for you.

There’s nothing cuter than puppies. There’s nothing more relaxing than sleep. What happens, then, when you put them together? Perfection.

Putting aside the Cuteness Overload, puppies, like human babies, need plenty of rest for their development. Like a human teenager, they can also sleep for up to 18 hours a day.

Unlike their human counterparts, pups can sleep anywhere, any place, any time. Check out these sleeping puppy photos that are sure to brighten up your day!

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#1 She Likes To Sleep In The Bowl


#2 Peaches Sleeping On The Door Handle On Our Way Home


#3 Sleeping Corgis

Goro Welsh corgi

#4 My Sister's Puppy Was So Tired, She Just Fell Asleep In Her Shoe


#5 Perfect Spot To Take A Nap


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