Dachshund Puppy Was Allowed On Bed For The First Time! Look What He Did!

Pepper the adorable dachshund puppy was never allowed on the bed by his owner… until now!

You can watch the video on the next page to see Pepper in action! So cute! I could watch him go round and round ALL DAY!

I love how he ignores the toy, which is unusual for a puppy to do. Pepper's reaction was like, “omg! it's so soft i can run here all day !!!!!” 😀

I wonder how long it took until he actually got tired and fell asleep. I remember when my dog was just a puppy, she would do the same thing.

Especially after taking a bath, she would run around in circles and rub up against everything. What a riot!

Check out the super cute video on the next page.

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