Smart Dachshund Wipes Her Feet Before Coming Inside Her House

As dog lovers, we know they’re intelligent animals. But sometimes they’re smarter than even we give them credit for. Never underestimate them, because they’ll find a new way to surprise you!

For one Dachshund named Dixie, she always has to wipe her feet on the rug before coming into the house! She’s so smart and maybe even a bit of a neat freak. 😉

“Took our dogs out for an evening walk as always, the grass had a small amount of residual moisture on it after a previous downpour. Our dogs love to run around in the grass and got very wet as a result. Dixie, our little miniature dachshund, always wipes her paws when they are wet even after a bath,” her owner told ViralHog.

Too funny and too cute! 😀

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