Dachshunds Go To Work With Their FedEx Driver Dad To Help Him Deliver Packages

Daniel Nava is a FedEx delivery driver who works long hours in Oceanside, California. Since he doesn’t want his two Dachshunds to be home alone for that long, he leaves them at doggy daycare while he works.

Unfortunately, the daycare has been closed due to COVID-19, so Nava had to come up with a different plan.


He decided to take the dogs, Chorizo and Cocoa, along with him during his deliveries. The two pups accompanied him while sporting little FedEx uniforms and sunglasses.

Chorizo and Cocoa have been great delivery assistants and love riding in their dad’s truck. They even go up to the doorsteps with their dad to help drop off the packages.


As a thank you for helping out their dad, he pays them in delicious treats!

Although the dogs accompany their dad due to their daycare being temporarily closed, this isn’t the first time they’ve helped deliver packages.


Nava brought the Dachshunds along with him during Christmas 2019, when he had tons of packages to deliver to customers.

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