Dad Won’t Let Bulldog On The Couch, So Dog Throws The Whiniest “Temper Tantrum”

Reuben is one pampered English Bulldog who lives with his doting parents in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The adorably chunky 2-year-old is an absolute Velcro dog who diligently demands his cuddle time whenever he feels like it.

His funniest quirk is that he never really uses his snug doggie bed, but always prefers lounging with Dad on the couch!

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Source: Melnotte/Rumble

In this video, we see Dad getting ready for a cozy nap on the couch when Reuben habitually walks in to snuggle with him like usual. However, Dad is too tired and just wants to rest by himself for a while.

Needless to say, this doesn’t go down well with Reuben as he hits back with the most passive-aggressive temper tantrum ever!

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Source: Melnotte/Rumble

Reuben strategically slathers Dad’s face with his slimy tongue in an attempt to pester him to pick him up.

But when Dad repeatedly denies him his “rightful place”, he intensely stands by the couch and waits for his human to regain his senses.

He eventually gets frustrated with Dad’s stubborn ways and stomps across the room in a hissy fit!

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Source: Melnotte/Rumble

Dad is surprised as Reuben uses his own doggie bed for a change while hanging his head with the saddest look on his pouty face. Even so, the pooch doesn’t miss a chance to express his fury!

Seeing Dad’s “lack of empathy” for his broken heart, Reuben coldly turns his back to Dad and mercilessly disses him with his thundering barks!

Click the video below to watch Reuben hilariously losing his temper after being denied his precious couch privileges!

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