Dog Runs Off To Neighbor’s Every Day, Throws Tantrum When Mom Picks Her Up

Brittany Young has a dog named Daisy May, and she’s quite the adventurous pooch!

The Boxer has a big personality and likes to live life on the edge, and that often leads to a little bit of trouble — like the fact that Mom has to go pick her up every day!

Every single day, Daisy May runs off to the neighbors to see a friend. And every time, they have to go pick their dog up and drive her home.

And she’s never happy about it. The sassy dog gives lots of attitude and throws a temper tantrum!

“You know you’re not supposed to be here… This isn’t your house!” Mom says as she picks her up once again. Daisy May talks back to Mom and lets her hear all about it!

How funny is this back and forth? 😀

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