Deaf Dog Finds Comfort In Rescued Kittens

Early in 2020, Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles was contacted about two shelter kittens in need of rescue.

From the start, the feline brothers were completely inseparable. They were both quite sick but still so sweet. James is a white and grey kitten, and Jacobi is a spicy orange tabby. 


If one of them found a warm lap or a nice hiding space, the other would follow suit. Little Jacobi was constantly purring while snuggling with his brother during what would be their recovery. 

As soon as the pair was nursed back to health, they would be delivered together to a foster home where a cat-loving dog awaited them.

Pickles, a 5-year old deaf dog, is a giant love bug. Just like these kittens, Pickles was found at a shelter and rescued from an uncertain fate. 


As if Pickles can sense the similarities, whenever his owners bring home new fosters, he takes them and showers them with hugs, and James and Jacobi were no exception.

Right after their arrival, Pickles was very gentle to the feline brothers and instantly made them feel safe and loved.

The kittens’ feelings were definitely mutual, they adored their snuggly canine buddy right away and would cling to him for warmth, safety, and comfort.

Pickles has always had a soft spot for cats and kittens in need. Even some of the shyest foster cats can calm down and find comfort in his presence. 


Even though it would be hard, the two kittens were adopted and were safely moved into their forever loving home together. 

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