Naughty Dog Jumps Onto Couch & Embarrasses Mom During Remote Learning Lesson

The pandemic has changed the way we do things these days, and remote learning is one of them. Remote or distance learning allows students and teachers to remain connected through the power of the internet.

Instead of learning in person, the students and educator see each other through video conferencing online. Deanne Bourke is a teacher who instructs her students in this way.

Source: Deanne Bourke/YouTube

In addition to being an awesome teacher, Deanne is also the dog mom to a very adorable Boxer dog named Archie. Deanne was trying to engage with a group of students when Archie decided he wanted his mom’s undivided attention.

At first, Archie is seen sitting on the couch next to his owner, who is diligently reading aloud to her students. As the teleconferencing camera rolls, Archie decides to be a total clown and interrupt his mom.

After about 20 seconds, Archie lifts his leg and paws delicately at his mom for attention. The very good boy is sitting pretty and demands his owner pet him. He does not care that a lesson is in progress, and the hilarity ensues throughout the video.

Every time Deanne stops, Archie bats her with his paw over and over and over. His face tells a story, and when he doesn’t get her attention he moves closer.

Source: Deanne Bourke/YouTube

“Archie is naughty this morning,” Deanne stops and says to her students. “He is wanting attention and he’s actually sitting on the couch. And he’s not allowed to be, so I’m not sure what’s going on with Archie today.”

The dog is relentless, as you will see in the hysterical video below. We think Archie is truly the “teacher’s pet.”

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