Wild Deer Wanders Into Store, Returns Later To Introduce Her Kids

It’s not unusual to encounter wildlife around the Horsetooth Inn and RV Park scenic getaway near the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado.

But Lori Jones had an up-close and personal meeting with a deer one day when it wandered into the small gift shop where she works.

The wild doe showed up and walked right through the door and stood there for a moment checking out the sunglasses and chips.

Lori couldn’t help but laugh! She eventually helped escort the deer back outside with a peanut bar and thought it was over with. But then…

The mama deer came back about 30 minutes later, this time with her three kids! They stood and waited at the door as Mom introduced them. 😉

Lori wouldn’t let them hang around too long considering they are wild animals, so she lured them all outside with another peanut bar.

She normally has a policy against feeding the wildlife but thought this special circumstance called for it.

But what a once-in-a-lifetime encounter for Lori Jones! She’ll surely never forget it. 🙂

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