Cop Sees Tiny Owl In The Middle Of A Road, Has The Cutest Conversation With Her

Seeing a rare bird can be one of the most blissful moments for any nature-lover. In this video shared by Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, we get to see the precious moments of an encounter between a rare owl and a deputy.

Facebook/Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

In this video, we see the deputy spot a rare Northern Saw-Whet Owl in the middle of a road in Colorado. Seeing the night-birdie standing still in the daylight hours, the deputy decides to approach and check on the little owl.

We hear the deputy initiate a sweet conversation with the owl. The owl looks back at her with big eyes, and seems startled by her voice. As the deputy gets closer, the owl doesn’t get scared. She curiously stands and observes the sweet-talking human with heightened curiosity.

Facebook/Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

The cat-faced owl’s bright, yellow eyes widen, as she gives out a series of her trademark tooting whistles. Later, the deputy helps the owl get back to safety, by coaxing her to fly away from the road. Aww! Seeing this beautiful, friendly owl up-close has been a rare pleasure for our eyes!

Check out the video below to watch the owl’s cute reaction to the deputy’s queries!

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