Desperate farmer whispers “Don’t die” in horse’s ear – mare’s response crushes his heart

There is nothing worse than seeing our loved ones suffer.

A farmer named Marek experienced just these kinds of feelings of anxiety and helplessness when his horse had an unfortunate accident and it appeared that all hope was lost. She was slowly dying.

Farmer Marek Slodkowski runs his own farm in a rural area of Poland. One day as he was roaming around near his garage he heard a cry from within.

To his dismay, one of his horses, Freedom, had managed to escape from her stable and entered the garage, where her weight had broken through the wooden floor boards. She was now stuck, helpless, in a deep crate in his garage.

And she simply could not get up.

Time running out

Marek first tried to fill the pit with hay, so that Freedom could be closer to the edge of the ground.

But the mare was simply too exhausted to get up on her own. Marek, deeply alarmed, called the local fire department, and soon a group of brave and compassionate firemen were on scene.


Close to death

Together, they placed fire hoses under the horse’s belly and tried to lift her. But their rescue attempts failed again and again.

Everyone was beginning to realize that time was running out. From her clear level of exhaustion, it was clear the mare had been stuck there for hours.

A distressed Marek watched as Freedom gradually began to lose more and more hope of ever escaping her terrible fate.

The farmer sat down beside his friend and tried to comfort her. “Everything will be fine,” he whispered, adding the heartbreaking words, “Don’t die, don’t die”.

12-hour battle

Then something happened that brought Marek to tears.

Freedom somehow found the strength to lift herself up, giving her all to raise herself to her front legs in one last attempt to escape the pit.

The firemen quickly ran over to her, anxious to help support her final efforts after being stuck in the pit for a long and painful 12 hours.

Watch the video below to see the extraordinary moment that Freedom finally manages to break free!

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