Dog Who Loves The Beach Throws Hysterical Temper Tantrum When Mom Says “Let’s Go”

Ninja the dog loves to play at the beach. She runs across the sand and jumps into the ocean. She loves it so much that it is often a struggle for her mom to get her to go home.

The dog is like a kid in a fur coat because she clearly is having way too much fun to go back to the boring house. Most of us can relate to being told that game time is over and it’s time to pack it up. Ninja is having none of that.

Source: ribbey101/YouTube

In a video on YouTube, Ninja’s mom calls the pooch in from the beach, “It’s time to go!”

The dog runs in, but as soon as she sees the leash, she whines, cries, and then heads back to the sandy fun!

Source: ribbey101/YouTube

Despite being told she has to get going, the dog protests over and over. She barks back, throws a canine hissy fit, and wants nothing to do with that leash.

Finally, she gives in, and her mom has to say “shhh” to get her to calm down. Her face at the end is priceless, as you will see in the video below.

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