Dog Cries Every Time He’s Touched — Until One Woman Discovers How To Make Him Feel Safe

Just like humans, animals suffer from trauma too. They are susceptible to developing fear and anxiety especially when they live in an environment of abuse and neglect. Just like this particular dog that has been living in fear for as long that we can imagine.

An emotionally traumatized dog cries every time someone touches him.


The dog, Kanye, was a dog that was abused by his previous owners. The damage inflicted on him was so severe that he became emotionally scarred. Every time someone tries to touch him, Kanye would drive himself to the corner and bellow as if he was scared of something.


Seeing him cry in fear makes you imagine the horrible things that he had gone through when he was with his previous owners. The thought of it just makes you both sad and furious.

If you see these signs in dogs and cats, it is most likely that they have a bad past.


According to PetMD, there are plenty of signs to see if an animal is suffering in some kind of emotional trauma. That includes excessive vocalization and hiding, the same symptoms that could be observed on Kanye.

Everything changed when Kanye met this woman.


Kanye got out of that horrible environment and was put in a shelter in Breasta-Craiova, Romania with Monica Mitreanu as the caretaker. After putting Kanye in a safe pen, Mitreanu decided to go in and attempt to pet the dog. Without fear of being bitten, the woman approached the dog inside and slowly put her hand on Kanye’s back.

The dog backed to the edge of the room, trying to evade her.


As she started stroking the puppy’s back, Kanye just started crying so loud that he probably thinks that she is going to hurt him. Kanye would attempt to get the hand off of him but Mitreanu persistently continued petting him until he calms down.

After a while, Mitreanu was able to stop the dog from crying.


With the gentle caresses and heartwarming voice she gave to Kanye, the caretaker was able to calm the scared pooch. Kanye started crying again as he still was not able to process the woman’s kindness towards him but stopped after a short while as Mitreanu stayed with him to let him feel that he was safe.

Mitreanu continued to say reassuring words to Kanye and the dog seemed to understand her as he let her pet him without crying.


Afterward, the clip cut to where Mitreanu was finally carrying the pooch in her arms. Kanye still was feeling anxious but with Mitreanu, he was way calmer than before.

It took some time but Kanye transformed into a lovable and playful pooch.


Days of only being showered with love and attention Kanye stopped crying and he has the sparkle in his eyes back. He was comfortable being petted by other humans and was also able to play with the other dogs in the shelter.

Looking back to what he was before, it was just satisfying seeing him so happy and safe in the hands of the shelter’s caretaker. He got the life that he deserved and it was all thanks to this kind human who pulled him out of that darkness.


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