Dog Dives into the Lake to Save a Dying Baby Bird

Jax the Black Labrador often ventures out into the wilderness on adventurous trails with his dad, Rick Sauer. During one such trip, the duo went to a scenic lakeside to enjoy the abundant nature there. But Rick panicked when Jax left him alone and dived into the murky lake water out of nowhere!

Source: Rick Sauer/YouTube

Rick knew that the untended lake was full of overgrown weeds and he was scared that Jax might get into trouble.He hollered at his dog and begged him to come back to the safe dry land. But then he noticed Jax picking something up in his mouth. The dog finally made his way back to Dad, but he looked anxious.

Source: Rick Sauer/YouTube

In this video, we see Dad realizing that his compassionate dog has just saved the life of a dying baby bird! Apparently, the baby bird was learning how to fly, but he lost balance and fell right in the middle of the lake. As Jax had witnessed the bird struggling to stay afloat, he took the initiative to save the poor soul on his own!

Source: Rick Sauer/YouTube

Rick found the bird’s nest and returned the distressed baby to his mother. He even went to check on the baby bird after a few weeks, and was relieved to see him growing up happily with his siblings. Jax is a true hero for looking out for this dying little birdie!

Click the video below to watch selfless Jax’s heroic rescue mission to save the baby bird!

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