Dog Feels Sorry For Dad Working All Alone, So He Drags A Chair To Sit Beside Him

Dogs are some of the most sensitive and empathetic creatures on earth. They have this magical ability that always helps them sense the feelings of their humans.

In this video, we see a sweet dog going out of his way to help his dad who starts feeling lonely at work.

Source: RM Videos/YouTube

As we see in this video, Dad works as a security guy whose job is to keep an eye on the running surveillance feed.

His work can get very monotonous and lonely, but he cannot loosen up due to the safety risks involved. When his dog sees him working so hard, he immediately knows how to brighten his day!

The dog diligently spots an unoccupied rolling-chair at a desk and starts pushing it with his paws. He painstakingly keeps dragging the chair until he is close to Dad.

He then adorably lifts his paws up and grabs his cherished seat beside Dad. Our hearts melt as he leans next to Dad and comforts him!

Source: RM Videos/YouTube

Dad was touched to see his pooch’s considerate gesture. He immediately invited him as his desk-buddy for the better part of the day, knowing that he won’t be alone as long as his faithful companion was beside him.

What a delightfully loving bond!

Click the video below to watch the dog’s cute, love-soaked gesture toward Dad!

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