Good Samaritan Turns Car Around To Help A Good Dog In Need

Claire Cummings was driving down the road when she noticed a pink, stuffed pig toy lying on the sidewalk.

She thought this was strange and did a double take, and as she looked into her rearview mirror, she realized a dog was leaning over the fence wanting his pig back!

Claire Cummings

It was a wall the dog could’ve easily hopped over, but apparently this good boy was well-trained to not leave his property.

Claire turned the car around and got out to toss the toy back over to the patient pup. The dog-lover just couldn’t leave him hanging! 🙂

Claire Cummings

The good doggo was so excited to get his pig back and happily accepted some pats on the head!

He proceeded to head back inside as Claire walked away feeling good about being able to help him out with the good deed.

You gotta love it!

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