Dog Fetches Bed In Order To Comfortably Watch TV

Dog Fetches Bed In Order To Comfortably Watch TV

When Heidi’s owner turns on the TV, she runs to get her bed and drags it in front of the TV to watch BBC’s Planet Earth.

What TV shows do dogs like?

Dogs may not be able to tell us their favorite TV show, but there are definitely some shows that they seem to enjoy more than others.

One popular show for dogs is “The Secret Life of Pets,” which follows the adventures of a group of pets who live in New York City.

Dogs seem to love the characters and the fast-paced action, and many owners report that their dogs will actually sit and watch the entire show from start to finish.

Another show that is popular with dogs is “Planet Earth.” This documentary series about the natural world is filled with stunning images and sounds, and dogs seem to be mesmerized by it.

So if you’re looking for a TV show that your dog will enjoy, you might want to give one of these two a try.

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