Dog Is Looking To Buy A New Piano, But First He Must Test All The Pianos Himself

Elmo the red Irish Setter is not just an awesome pianist, but is also quite obsessive about buying the “perfect” piano. So when his dad, Heikki Joensuu, takes him to a piano store in Finland, the outcome is simply hilarious!

Source: Heikki Joensuu/YouTube

As we see in this video, Elmo seems very particular about testing the sound of a piano before buying. He lifts his paws and diligently slaps across the keys to do a quick tune check for each piano.

As if that wasn’t enough, the budding furry pianist also complements his music trials with his equally harmonious howls!

Source: Heikki Joensuu/YouTube

Once Elmo is done with a piano, he swiftly moves to the next piano to repeat the exact same inspection.

It’s a total riot as he hops around the showroom while checking the pianos like a seasoned musician. We can totally see him leaning toward the second piano that he checked out for a whole 20 seconds!

Source: Heikki Joensuu/YouTube

Elmo looks so confident with his piano skills that we have no doubt he is going to fulfill his musical dreams pretty soon!

Don’t forget to keep your volumes up as you watch Elmo’s no-holds-barred “melodious” antics. We are so in love with this aspiring doggie pianist!

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