Dog Kisses Firefighter Who Rescued Him From Roof

Pets can be so grateful—when an animal is rescued they always seem to know they’re safe and have a way of thanking their rescuers.

That was the case for one dog, who got himself in a very unusual situation that required some emergency assistance, and showed his gratitude in a heartwarming moment.

Police in Wells, Maine got a report from locals about a dog who was seen on the roof of a house:

The dog had climbed through an open window and got himself stuck.

Police Officer Steve McDonald arrived on the scene, and worked with the Wells Maine Fire Department to get the dog to safety.

Fire Captain Jeff Nawfel was the one who climbed up to the roof to retrieve the dog.

As he got onto the roof, the friendly dog seemed to know the fireman was there to rescue him—and thanked him with a kiss:

“Is there anything more stunning than an animal expressing gratitude?!” the Wells Maine Police wrote on Facebook.

He got the dog back down to safety, but says the adventurous dog was pretty unfazed by the whole ordeal.

“The dog was pacing back and forth on the overhang over the porch,” Captain Nawfel told Inside Edition. “It didn’t look very distressed.”

Still, he had never been thanked like that before: “This was a first in my career,” he said.

It’s always heartwarming to see dogs thanking their heroes. Thank you to this firefighter for saving the day! Share this adorable story!

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