Dog Watches As Kitten Struggles To Climb Up The Stairs, And Decides He Has To Help

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and Tennyson shows us why. Tenny’s family expanded recently when they got a tiny little kitten and Tenny absolutely loves his new little sibling!

In this video, Tenny accompanies the little kitten, who’s struggling to climb up the stairs, while their mom films them both. At first, Tenny trots up the stairs with ease but then he notices that the kitten is struggling to climb.

Tenny watches for a while till he can’t stand it anymore and tries to help but mom tells him to let the kitten do it himself. Being a good, obedient boy, Tenny pulls back for a while before deciding that he just can’t take it anymore.

What Tenny does next is beyond adorable! He helps out in the most unexpected way possible, and once his duty is done, he even turns around to face his mom, as if he’s asking her if he was a good boy.

Tenny is a very, very good boy indeed! To watch what Tenny does to “help out” his little kitty brother, click play on the video below.

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