Dog left heartbroken after man tossed her over fence into stranger’s yard

Dog left heartbroken after man tossed her over fence into stranger’s yard

It’s always heartbreaking when someone abandons an pet, but some people do it in such strange and cruel ways, leaving their animals heartbroken and confused.

That was the case recently, when a man was seen tossing his dog over a fence into a stranger’s backyard — now the homeowner wants answers.

Las Vegas resident Michelle Meyering was confused after returning home on June 10 as she heard the sound of a dog that wasn’t hers, according to 8 News Now.

The dog, a small 2-year-old female Dachshund, was in her backyard with her own two dogs. She checked her Ring camera for answers, and witnessed the heartbreaking explanation.

A man, presumably the dog’s owner, is seen roughly tossing the little dog across Michelle’s fence before driving away. “I just couldn’t believe what I saw,” Michelle told 8 News Now. “Not even gently… he tossed her like a volleyball.”


The dog was heartbroken: she appears to just stand in the yard, as if confused and wondering when her owner will come back for her. Michelle says she tried to help the dog, but she wouldn’t eat or even come out of the heat.

Michelle called Clark County Animal Protective Services, who brought the Dachshund to The Animal Foundation, where she is currently in a 10-day rabies quarantine.


Michelle isn’t sure why the man tossed the dog into her yard. She has two other dogs who were home at the time, and while the dogs were gentle and welcoming, the man couldn’t have known that — it’s possible that he threw the dog over hoping that the larger dogs would attack her.

While the Ring camera recorded video of the incident, it’s not clear enough to identify a suspect. Michelle says she is filing a police report.

Though it’s not clear if the culprit will ever face justice, the little dog will be placed up for adoption at The Animal Foundation soon and hopefully find a great new home.

No dog should be treated this way — we hope she finds a great new home soon ❤️😢

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