Dog Accidentally Farts In His Sleep But It’s Cat’s Comeback That Has Internet Cracking Up

It’s a well known fact that cats and dogs don’t really get along. It’s simply in their nature to be in a constant fight because of their innate dislike for one another.

When you own both a cat and a dog it means constantly having to try to break the fights between your beloved pets, and that can cause a complete chaos in the house.

No matter who starts it, the sneaky cat who’s always ready to attack or the dog who’s an attention seeker, you will always find yourself in the middle.

This owner was filming his pets and he had no idea he would capture a hilarious sight between his pooch and feline that’s impossible to forget.

The video starts off innocent enough as the owner records his dog and cat lying on the bed. All seems normal as his pup closes his eyes to sleep and his cat lies in the background simply looking around when suddenly the camera captures a noise the cat can’t ignore.

As the dog is sleeping he accidentally lets out a fart. With the cat lying behind him, the cat can’t ignore what he’s just heard. He then looks around and gives the dog an angry side eye look, but the dog has no idea what’s about to happen just a mere seconds later.

Without any warning the cat suddenly reaches out his paw to give the dog two quick jabs on the head. The poor sleeping dog never even sees it coming as the frisky feline teaches him some manners when it comes to farting with someone behind you.

The owner managed to capture the footage perfectly and the sleepy dog is startled by the smack he’s awakened to. Despite it, he simply looks around in confusion before he lays his head back down to try to relax again.

The poor thing is probably used to this cat pushing him around but in the cats defense he was probably upset the dog decided to stink up the room.

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