Boston Terrier Loves Swimming So Much His Parents Build Him An Indoor Pool

Thor absolutely loves swimming. The Boston Terrier loves it so much the first thing he wants to do in the morning is go swimming.

He soon graduated from an 8-foot outdoor pool to a 15-foot pool. But during the winter months Thor couldn’t go swimming because his family lives in Canada.

That’s when Garrett Mazurek and his wife Lisa decided to set up an indoor pool in their garage.

Well, to say he took to it like a fish to water is an understatement. Thor can’t get enough of his new indoor pool and being able to swim year ’round. And would you believe he can do 300 laps a session!

Everything is an adventure with Thor and his parents make sure he has the best day every day. Says Garrett, “As a dad, you just encourage your dogs to follow their dreams!”

Thor’s pool time has become such a phenomenon that they share live streams of him jumping into the pool for his TikTok fans. Lisa shared how the pool came about on Thor’s TikTok channel.


The story of how Thor eventually got his indoor pool. Hopefully, this answers a lot of questions we get.

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Is it any wonder Thor has become an Internet sensation? He’s been featured on CNN and other news channels because there is something simply irresistible about watching him bark in excitement and plunge into the water!

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