Dog Moves Into New Home And Adorably Freaks Out When She Notices What’s In The Backyard

Prepare to laugh out loud as this video will brighten up your day!

Christy the West Highland Terrier has just arrived in Florida and she seems really excited!

When arriving in Florida that only means one thing: it is Pool time! Watch what happens the second the screen door is opened and Christy bolts out.

What she does is absolutely hilarious and it should not be a video that anyone should ever miss. She really is a happy doggy!

Isn’t this video just adorable? This dog looks like it is having so much fun! She has also found a great way to overcome and beat the heat!

This dog alone is so cute and the actions she does is just the icing on the cake! Don’t you wish that you had a dog like this in your home? She really is something special!

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