Dog owner captures last moments with her dying baby. These 10 pictures show what love really is.

For eleven-year-old Hannah, a pit bull terrier-Labrador mix, life was getting harder to live. Suffering from seizures and riddled with arthritis in her hips, loyal, loving Hannah was also enduring side-effects from the medications she was on to control her seizures. While watching Hannah struggle to walk and climb stairs, owner Kyle Amick knew a difficult decision was on the horizon.

“I finally decided that keeping her on the meds was selfish, but keeping her off of them was just as cruel,” Amick stated.

Devastated to see her best friend living in pain, stricken by seizures, with medication that no longer worked, Amick decided to give Hannah one last day of love and pampering. She photographed each step of this beautiful yet heartbreaking final day with Hannah.

The day began with a car ride where Amick wondered if Hannah could sense the sadness in the air. She noted how difficult even the smallest steps were for Hannah.

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14 thoughts on “Dog owner captures last moments with her dying baby. These 10 pictures show what love really is.

  1. I went through the same experience how this young women is going through, i know how it feels to lose a true loyal, faithful friend you just wish he or she was with you forever, sometimes its hard letting go a friend that is family forever but i know right now he’s in a better place watching over me and my family but one day i will see my friend in the other side where we can be together how it was before. Dogs are Forever Family.

  2. I had two dogs that retired from the army with me and 2 years later one had been stuck down with cancer that was incurable so six months later she collapsed whilst out for a walk I rushed her to the vet but it was obvious that a choice had to be made. After she fell asleep my other dog (brother) lay down next to her sobbing his heart out trying to wake her up. I lay there crying and hugging both of them and my other dog stopped sobbing and went quiet as I lifted my head I tried to move him but he had hone rigid!! I called the vet and after frantically trying to get him up the vet said “he’s gone too” afterwards the vet closed shop for the day and went home for being heart broken since then i have resisted the temptation of having another dog the pain is more than i can bare

  3. I just lost my pug, Larry the day after Christmas (2017). I had 15 wonderful years with him, but 100 wouldn’t have been long enough! I loved him like he was one of my children.
    The love the photos showed for Hannah warmed my heart! ❤️

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