17 Signs That Hilariously Call Out Dog Owners’ Bad Poop Picking Habits

No one likes to find poop outside their home or at their favorite park. Unfortunately, there are dog owners that just don’t clean up after their dogs and spoil it for us all.

This unseemly display of bad manners often leads to general unpleasantness between neighbors (City bylaws! Fights!).

But it can also lead to some hilarious posters and signs from good citizens. Here are 16 signs that (not so) politely call out the culprit’s bad manners!

There’s nothing like trying to inject some humor into a yucky situation!

Note: there’s some colorful language expressed in the posts below.

1. Surveillance video says…

2. It’s a mystery. We don’t understand either.

3. They’re going for the “soft glove” approach.

4. Walk of shame, in deed.

5. Just a matter of time before they get their just rewards.

6. Nothing like pieces of poop to bring out the inner poet.

7. The orange tape is a nice touch.

8. As is the all cap font.

9. Well done, NYC Department of Turdology.

10. They know who you are and where you live.

11. Sigh.

12. A short sermon that should be taken to heart.

13. Really, we think the strongest point they make is “your dog is smarter than you.”

14. They were given fair warning.

15. We like the idea of turning “a chore” into a positive way to stay fit.

16. It will be a “parting shot” to remember.

17. The poop emoji puts a not too fine point on it.

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