Dog puts his arm around his cat friend as they look out the window together

It’s a very common stereotype that cats and dogs are natural enemies, to the point that “fighting like cats and dogs” is a popular idiom.

But countless animal lovers have pet cats and dogs under one roof, and usually find that they get along just fine.

And one heartwarming video proves that not only can cats and dogs get along, they can be true soul mates.

Lisa Olsen-Plummer is the owner of a beagle named Bo and a cat named Jasper. When she first brought Bo home, she wasn’t sure how the pets would get along—they weren’t fighting, just uneasy with each other.

“Jasper was very cautious of Bo at first,” Lisa told The Dodo. “He stayed back and watched from a distance.”


But eventually the two warmed up to each other, and Bo started asking Jasper to play.

The two became best pals and playmates… even if they play a little rough.

“They play hard and instigate one another,” Lisa said. “Sometimes, it causes a fight and I make them split up — just like kids.”

In one video, you can see that they’re at each other’s tails.

Sure, it might look like they’re actually fighting, but one video settles any doubt that these two are anything but best pals.

One day Bo and Jasper took a break from their roughhousing to sit at the window and calmly watch some birds.

Then, in an adorable display of love, Bo put his paw around the cat’s shoulder.


It was a precious moment… and Lisa happened to capture it on video.

“I was super excited to catch this beautiful bonding moment of two animals showing love for one another,” she told The Dodo.

That’s true love. It’s clear that these two are best friends for life.


With everything going on in the world right now, sometimes you just need a smile… and nothing is more inspiring than seeing a cat and a dog loving one another.

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