Dog Refuses To Give Up Pacifier

Our dogs are our babies. We love them like they’re our actual children. Many dog-parents enjoy spoiling their pooches with toys, clothes and tons of extra cuddles. Some even use doggy strollers! But this dog … he’s taken this whole baby thing a step further! And we can’t get enough of it!

Fluffy, cuddly Max has discovered a binky and once he places it in his mouth, he realizes it’s pretty much the best thing he’s ever had. He looks so content with it; his expression could really melt your heart.

But Max’s mom isn’t having it. She wants Max to give up his new found treasure. She begs and pleads with him. She reaches over to try to take it away…

But sweet Max DOESN’T want to give it up! He’s very gentle though and uses his big paw to calmly push mom away.

Oh, Max! Please give it back! Mom tries again. But nope. And then again, NOPE AGAIN! Max’s giant paw presses his mom’s hand down. Like, “No, Ma! This is mine! Get your own binky!” TOO FUNNY!

She tries again to pull it out of his mouth but he’s set on keeping his new favorite thing. His mom, patient as can be, continues to try to confiscate the binky but Max has made up his mind. And there’s no changing it!

This is the perfect video to watch whenever you’re feeling cranky. It’s a cure-all to those grey days!

Pit Bull Constantly Scared Of Humans, Falls In Love With Battle-Scarred Veteran

Mikko the Pit Bull-Boxer mix harbored a deep fear of humans ever since he was a little puppy. He would shudder at the sight of humans and refuse to engage with even the gentlest of shelter workers. So when he was set to be euthanized, Minnesota’s Ruff Start Rescue decided to save him and began working on his behavioral issues.

Source: WCCO – CBS Minnesota/YouTube

However, even after a whole year of training, Mikko’s paranoia around humans never went away. But just when he was thought to be a lost cause, a troubled veteran named Chad Fleming walked into the shelter to change his life. After serving 2 tough tours in Iraq, Chad was left broken, both physically and emotionally. He was hoping to find a companion dog at the shelter, but ended up with so much more!

Source: WCCO – CBS Minnesota/YouTube

It made no sense to the shelter workers when Mikko instantly pushed aside his “human fear” and embraced Chad. He had sensed Mikko’s haunting trauma and had voluntarily picked him as his true human! Within a week, Mikko seamlessly made himself comfortable in his forever home with his new dad!

For Chad, Mikko has become the mental cushion that shielded him from his debilitating PTSD and anxiety. The pooch is incredibly trusting of his dad, and he insists on staying by the disabled veteran’s side at all times. Chad believes that it is Mikko’s pain as a previously “forgotten dog” that infuses him with the empathy to comfort the battle-scarred ex-soldier.

Source: WCCO – CBS Minnesota/YouTube

Chad now hopes to get Mikko assigned as his service dog in the coming months. It’s magical how both these tortured souls have monumentally saved each other’s lives during dark times. Their bond is extraordinary!

Click the video below to watch how Mikko left his fears behind once he met a human he wanted to protect.

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