Dog Saves 89-Year-Old Neighbor With Broken Hip

It can be said that dogs have “extrasensory”. Their sight and hearing are much better than us, but they also have this unique way of perceiving the world around them.

And this incredible story proves it.

Sadie the Great Dane has always been a kind and obedient dog. So, after taking a walk on St. Patrick’s Day morning, Rob Jerry noticed something was wrong.

His puppy stood on the edge of the driveway when he was prompted and refused to move. Dad wondered what was happening because it had never happened before.

And he heard background noise that sounded like a roaring deer. Then he realized that it was someone who was really screaming for help.

Sadie tried to ask the owner for help, but it worked. Jerry chased Great Dane and saw her 89-year-old neighbor Albert Larson lying on the ground and not moving. The older man collapsed when he intended to receive the mail.

The man had a broken hip and found out who knew how long he would have been on the floor without Sadie. Great Dane saved Albert’s life, and he is very grateful for it.

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