Dog spots something strange at beach – takes action after sudden realization

It’s no secret that dogs are amazing creatures. They provide us with love, companionship, and loyalty. Not only that but our dogs keep us protected and safe. Many people agree that dogs have a sixth sense that us humans do not.

There have been countless stories about dogs running into burning buildings to save a loved one or dogs detecting cancer in their owners far before they were diagnosed. They serve as K9s on the police force or service dogs for those with disabilities. They are truly exceptional animals.

This incredible video below perfectly shows just how amazing dogs really are. They have an overwhelming instinct to help — even if it’s helping another species. In this case? A baby dolphin.

A man was walking his dog Leia on a normal day at Criccieth Beach in Wales. He noticed his pup was acting a bit strange and kept running towards the beach. Maybe Leia didn’t want to leave. In actuality — she had something much more urgent to focus on.

Leia’s owner decided to start filming her silly behavior. As he began to walk towards her and the area she was fussing about he realized that Leia wasn’t being silly at all — she was trying to get his attention.

Luckily, Leia was successful in getting her owner’s attention and the moment was all caught on camera. As he approached what Leia was leading him toward — he realized it was a baby dolphin that was stranded on the shore. It was obvious the dolphin was just a few days old.

After a few minutes of coaxing the newborn dolphin tried to head back towards the deep blue ocean. At first — the little dolphin’s body kept being pulled back toward shore but eventually the little guy was well on its way back to the deep sea. I’m sure the mama dolphin wasn’t too far away to reunite with her scared baby.

It was a moment that Leia and her owner will never forget. It was such a touching moment that they even decided to name that brave dolphin — Buddy. I’m certain that Buddy would consider Leia one of their best buds too.

If it wasn’t for Leia’s persistent hints to get her owner’s attention things could have been much worse for this baby dolphin. Leia’s incredible instincts saved a life that day — thanks, Leia!

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