Dog Repeatedly Butts Head Against Door In Attempt To Save Baby’s Life

A family’s 8 year-old Boston Terrier named Henry has been credited for saving the life of his owners’ 9-month-old baby. 


The Glastonbury, Connecticut local Kelly and Jeff Dowling said their pooch was behaving oddly one Monday night. This included repeatedly barging into their daughter’s nursery to wake the baby. 

The Dowlings said that Henry would continue to headbutt the door open and just stand in the center of the room, which was out of the ordinary from the dog’s usual routine. Every time the owners would shoo him out of the room, Henry would barge right back in as soon as their backs were turned. 


It turns out that the baby had a really bad cold, and Henry had sensed her symptoms were worsening. 

“She wasn’t clearing her airway. She started to turn blue and go rigid. She really couldn’t get air, couldn’t get any oxygen,” Kelly Dowling told ABC 7. 

The couple then rushed their baby girl to the hospital where doctors were able to clear out her airways and send her safely back home with her family that same night. 

The 9-month-old is now recovering from what doctors say was a very bad cold. As for Henry, the Dowlings are very thankful for their hero pup and have decided to spoil him more than ever. 

When Henry is not saving lives, he is enjoying watching wolf documentaries, eating watermelon, and cuddling with his family.

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