[Video] Dog saves friend from drowning in raging river rapids

A courageous canine who saved his four-legged friend from drowning in a raging river has garnered internet fame for his heroic act.

Rafael Franciulli posted a Youtube video of two labrador retrievers playing in a river in Argentina. The short clip shows a black lab rushing into the water to retrieve a stick, only to find himself unable to free himself from the flowing current.

That’s when a second yellow lab watching from the side springs into action. He starts pulling the other dog out of the water, while also reclaiming the stick as his very own. By grabbing the stick still held tightly in the black dog’s mouth, the yellow dog is able to pull his partner to shore before he’s completely swept away.

But was this an actual example of animal heroics in action?

Numerous commenters on the video have pointed out the yellow dog may have been more focused on winning the game of fetch than heroically pulling his friend to safety.

Furthermore, some have also criticized the human’s responsible for the clip for allowing either dog so close to what appears to be a potentially dangerous situation.

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However, according to the video’s description, the two animals were actually quite familiar with the river and neither was reportedly injured or in any real danger during the encounter.

From the owner: “We were at Yuspe River playing with our dogs. They always play tug with sticks. The dogs weren’t hurt, and they enjoy every minute they play in water!”


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