Man Has Deadly Heart Attack, Dog Brings Him Back To Consciousness & Saves His Life

46-year-old Adam Bavario was a medic and police officer in Los Angeles for 27 years, which really took a toll on his body, both physically and mentally.

The addition of stress caused him to have health issues and chest pains throughout his thirties, but doctors never found anything wrong.

But that’s far from the truth. It turns out that one of Bavario’s major arteries was 100 percent blocked.

Source: ABC 10 News/Youtube

One day, he went to grab his phone and passed out on the floor. He was suffering from a widow-maker, one of the deadliest heart attacks a person could have. A widow-maker heart attack can happen suddenly when a key artery that moves blood to the heart gets almost or completely blocked. This is what happened to Bavario.

If the artery doesn’t get opened in time or quick enough, the person will most likely die.

Source: ABC 10 News/Youtube

Thankflly, Bavario’s dog, Roxy, had a lot to do with saving his life.

Although she was born deaf, she still sensed that something was wrong from another room and ran to Bavario’s side. She kept licking and nudging him until he woke up.

Source: ABC 10 News/Youtube

That’s when Bavario called 911 and was rushed to Tri-City Medical Center, where they were able to clear his artery in 27 minutes, record-time for the hospital.

Bavario is using his scary incident to encourage people to get checked out regularly with proper screenings, along with following a healthy diet and exercise plan.

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