See how genius dog hatches amazing plan to steal chicken nuggets from kitchen counter

Hilarious hidden camera footage shows the lengths to which a hungry dog will go when delicious chicken nuggets are at stake.

In a plan the A-Team's Hannibal Smith would be proud of, Lucy the beagle is seen moving a chair so she can get up on the counter top.

She's then seen sneaking past the sink, before pawing the toaster oven door open to retrieve the tasty morsels.

Lucy has always been a crafty pup – getting into trouble whenever her owner Rodd Scheinermann wasn't around.

He'd frequently come home, or walk into the kitchen from another room to find Lucy in her with her head in the oven, but he never knew how she managed to get up on the counter.

“A few weeks before, she took a roast out of the oven that had been cooking for a few hours…so I set her up,” Rodd said on his YouTube channel. “I put some nuggets in the oven, pressed record and left. This was seven minutes into the video.”

The sneaky pup's ingenious raid has become an online sensation, clocking up more than 12m views on YouTube.

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