Dog Stumbles Upon Abandoned Kitten in Rain During Potty Break and Guides Her to Her Home for Shelter

There is no doubt that every single creature is special in its own way, but nothing really beats dogs. They are the best friends humans could ever ask for. Dogs are not afraid to show their love and loyalty for their owners and those around them. As every owner is convinced their dog is the best out there, none of them is wrong.

48-year-old Monica Burks from Abilene, Texas, shares her home with a precious tiny dog named Hazel. This Yorkie-Chihuahua-poodle mix is three years old and loves her life.

What’s most, Hazel is probably one of the most compassionate dogs we’ve ever met. She’s always ready to lend a helping hand to other animals in need, even to the dogs’ “sworn enemies, ” the cats.

On a rainy day, Hazel went out for a potty break as she always does, but this time, she didn’t get back as quick as usually.

Monica got a bit worried and decided to check on Hazel, but what she saw when she looked out of the window surprised her.

As it turned out, on her way home from the yard, Hazel heard strange whimpering coming a tiny kitten left all by herself in the pouring rain.

Leaving the trembling animal behind wasn’t an option, so Hazel decided to escort her into the house.

The kitten was a bit insecure as she would take a couple of steps towards the house after which she would stop and look around in confusion.

Luckily, Hazel was there to guide her. The heavy rain didn’t stop this amazing dog from saving her new friend.

Monica found the whole thing incredible and rushed to take her phone and film the lovely scene.

“There must be something called pure love. I saw Hazel’s maternal instincts come to light.”

The confused kitten probably wondered who her rescuer was and where was she taking her. She didn’t know she was embarking a trip towards her new life.

After some time, Hazel and the kitten were at the doorstep and about to enter the house. The kitten, however, had a hard time climbing the step, so Hazel clasped onto the her by the scruff on her tiny neck and placed her inside.

The moment the kitten entered the house, she already felt like home and started rolling on the floor.

Monica knew she had to take care of Hazel’s new friend whom they named Sheba. But then, her brother Michael met the cute guest and decided to adopt her himself.

Now, both Monica and Michael make sure Hazel and Sheba spend as much time together as possible.

Watch the video below. It will melt your heart.

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