Dog survived 50-foot fall of cliff in quarry — rescuers rappel down to save his life

Dog survived 50-foot fall of cliff in quarry — rescuers rappel down to save his life

A lost dog fell off a 50-foot cliff in a quarry — but miraculously he survived and was soon saved by a group of rescuers.

According to a Facebook post, animal control officer Lindsay Burr of North Canaan Animal Control, received a call from someone who had heard barking near the local quarry.

She went down to the site with her sister Ashley and contacted the men who operate the quarry, but they were unable to locate the animal. “We heard barking but we could not see a dog,” Lindsay wrote.

Lindsay learned that a dog, a 30-pound terrier mix named Rippy, had recently gone missing nearby, and heard from quarry employees that they had heard barking.

Facebook/North Canaan Animal Control

She returned to the scene, determined to rescue Rippy, but the safety manager of specialty minerals and the plant manager made an assessment and told her she would not be able to reach the dog herself.

Instead, she contacted Northwest Rope Rescue Teams, who soon arrived at the site along with members of the North Canaan Fire Company and North Canaan Ambulance. Two members of the rope team repelled down 50 feet to where Rippy was trapped.

Facebook/North Canaan Animal Control

It’s possible that Rippy had been stuck there for days, but thanks to their efforts he was rescued safe and sound and reunited with his owners.

“Rippy was caught and safely brought back up the cliff,” Lindsay wrote on Facebook. “I called his owner right away who came and picked him up so he could go home to decompress, get cleaned up and then checked out.”

She thanked everyone involved with this “crazy rescue,” as did Rippy’s owner. Linday also said that it was a miracle that Rippy survived such a fall at all.

“He is one very lucky dog to have survived a fall off one of those cliffs!!” she wrote. “Other animals have not been that lucky! He would not have made it home safe without all of you!!”

We’re so glad Rippy is safe and sound! Thank you to everyone who saved him!

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