Dog Takes To An Orphaned Fawn, Catches On As Fawn Surrogate

A 9-year-old German Shepherd named Sarge is now the best surrogate for orphaned fawns. But his personality was quite different as a puppy.

He was a bit grumpier then, always biting at toes and chasing his siblings around the house. But when he met that first orphaned fawn, Buckwheat, it all changed.

Cheryl Stephen

Sarge’s owner found the baby deer lying in the middle of the road, so she brought him home. Right away, Sarge took on the role of parent and guardian.

He made the perfect babysitter for a little fawn who just needed someone to make him feel safe.

Cheryl Stephen

The two did everything together, but eventually it was time for Buckwheat to be released back into the wild. But word got around about Sarge’s surrogate aspirations and abilities, and Mom’s phone started ringing nonstop.

Now Sarge rehabilitates orphaned and injured fawns full time, and he’s so thrilled every time a new one comes through that door!

Cheryl Stephen

Each and every time, it’s like Buckwheat all over again. There’s just something about these fawns that Sarge connects with, and his knack for caring for them will help save so many lives. 🙂

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