Dog looks to be ‘grieving’ for her deceased owner in grave. Here’s what she was hiding

When one dog took up residence at their deceased owner’s grave site, people assumed that the dog was grieving her devastating loss. Yet, after this photo went viral, one woman decided to look deeper into this seemingly sad story – and you would never believe what she uncovered.

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In 2015, this photo above became an internet sensation on Facebook. People assumed that the dog, located in Serbia, was nestled in her owner’s grave as a way of grieving. The German Shepard had created her own little den atop of the gravesite and was apparently spending all of her time there, even sleeping there overnight.

After seeing the famous photo, one woman decided to look deeper into the story and do some investigating of her own.

Vesna Mihajloski went to the gravesite to check on the grieving dog, and instead found something amazing. This dog wasn’t grieving at all – she had delivered a litter of puppies and then had created a safe den for them over the grave of her owner.

Source: Pawpulous

Vesna took the dogs into her home, giving this tired mama dog a well deserved break.

Without much access to food or water, the mother dog had been struggling to provide for her newborn pups. Thankfully, Vesna decided to step up and take the little family in, nursing the puppies and their mama back to full health.

Source: Pawpulous

For many stray dogs, raising a litter can be nearly impossible, yet this mama dog refused to leave her pups behind. Thanks to animal rescuers, like Vesna, the mother and puppies started receiving the care they so desperately needed. As they begin eating normally, the puppies and their mom began looking plump and healthy.

Source: Pawpulous

Now the mother dog is in much better health and is able to better care for her puppies, along with the help of the rescuers. Thankfully, one person decided to investigate this originally sad story to uncover the happy truth underneath. After coming from a literal graveyard, this little family’s future is looking bright.

Source: Pawpulous

Every year, more than 6 million dogs are left homeless or abandoned. Please contact your local shelter if you ever come across a stray dog, especially if they have a litter or young animals with them. If the mother dog isn’t getting the nutrition she needs, her puppies definitely will not be.

Thanks to amazing people like Vesna, these strong pups will get the loving home they deserve.

Source: Pawpulous

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