Dog was dumped out of U-Haul, then rescuers discover she’s pregnant — people step up in a big way

Dog was dumped out of U-Haul, then rescuers discover she’s pregnant — people step up in a big way

It’s always heartbreaking when a dog is thrown away and abandoned, but thankfully there are kind people in the world willing to step up and give these animals a second chance.

That was the case recently, when rescuers took in a dog dumped from a U-Haul — and soon discovered that the dog was pregnant.

According to a Facebook post, a dog named Wilma dumped out of a U-Haul before a Good Samaritan found her at a park and took her to the shelter.

Wilma was then placed in the care of Take Me Home Pet Rescue, a nonprofit based in Highland, New York. Right before Wilma’s spay surgery, they made a shocking discovery: Wilma was pregnant.

“We are dumbfounded that someone would dump such a beautiful and loving dog, but even more disgusted that someone would do that to a pregnant mama,” they wrote.

They chose not to abort the puppies, committing to giving the abandoned dog and her soon to be born puppies all the love and care they deserve.

But it was a big responsibility to take on, and the nonprofit wrote that they would need financial help to cover Wilma’s pregnancy. They asked for donations to provide vetting for Wilma and her puppies, as well as “multiple items to facilitate the birthing process” and “multiple items to keep the babies safe and comfortable when they are born.”

Thankfully, people were moved by Wilma’s story and offered to help. The rescue began receiving donations and supplies.

In the most recent update, the rescue wrote that, in addition to the supplies and gifts for Wilma, they have received over $1,200 in donations for her care.

“We are so impressed with the outpouring we have received!” Take Me Home Pet Rescue Wrote on Facebook.

After Wilma gives birth, the rescue is going to find forever homes for all of the puppies when they are of age.

It’s heartbreaking that anyone would throw away this sweet pregnant dog, but we’re glad Wilma and her future puppies are in good hands and getting the care they need. Thank you to everyone who helped support them ❤️

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