Shelter Dog With No Eyes Was Abandoned Twice, Then One Couple Gave Her A Chance

Miyoshi, a two-year-old Akita is an extremely sweet dog, but unfortunately she has to live the rest of her life without both of her eyes.

Miyoshi was diagnosed with glaucoma, as well as an autoimmune disease that caused her body to attack her eyes, so she was forced to have surgery to have them removed. After the surgery, she was finally free of pain, but was left blind.

Tyler Keith via Caters News

Sadly, her owners were unable to afford her treatments, so they surrendered her to the Michigan Humane Society, where Miyoshi was now not only blind, but scared and confused.

Tyler Keith via Caters News

That’s when Tyler Keith and Abby Richardson, from Allen Park, Michigan, saw her and knew right away that she’d be the perfect fit for their family.

Tyler Keith via Caters News

The couple explained that many people who first see Miyoshi express pity for her, while others find it weird that she doesn’t have eyes. But Miyoshi doesn’t know she is any different from other dogs and has adjusted to life without vision very well.

Tyler Keith via Caters News

Abby and Tyler have a lot of patience with her and have helped her learn how to get around the house, walk up and down the stairs, and get around outside on their walks.

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