Mom Warns Dog To “Stay Away” From The New Kitten, But The Dog Refuses To Listen

It is always heartwarming to see dogs being protective toward their families. Many dogs go out of their way to see that their loved ones never suffer.

Dogs are not just protective of their human family members, but also to their animal siblings!

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When a woman adopted a tiny kitten and brought him home, she was amazed to see her faithful German Shepherd, Tennyson, turn into a doting big brother to the kitten.

The dog even volunteered to teach his tiny sibling to do various things, including teaching him to climb the stairs!

In this video, we see Tennyson thoughtfully watching over as the kitten struggles to hop up the stairs. Mom wants the kitten to develop the strength to climb on his own, so she sternly asks Tennyson to avoid helping him.

Source: DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

But Tennyson is not convinced with Mom’s stair-training techniques! He can clearly see that his sibling’s little limbs are failing him. Soon, the kitten gets burned out and desperately turns to his doggie brother for help.

Source: DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

At this point, the anxious Tennyson rebelliously defies Mom’s commands and gently picks up the kitten in his mouth.

He carries the kitten upstairs like a doting cat mama and delicately places him on the floor. The kitten seems fairly relieved as he starts cuddling with Tennyson endearingly!

Source: DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

We love how Tennyson looks adorably pleased with himself after “saving” his kitty brother. He might have disobeyed his mom, but Tennyson believes he did the right thing.

This is definitely a sweet start to a lifelong friendship!

Click the video below to watch Tennyson’s super protective gesture as he tries to lookout for his little kitten brother!

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