Doggo Was Supposed To Be Guarding Sheep. His ‘Work Ethic’ Is Somewhat Lacking

This dog’s owners could NOT stop laughing when they went to check in on him during his “work hours.” Their pooch, assigned to guard the sheep, had other plans that day.

And thankfully, for all of us, they got it all on camera!

Many dogs perform important jobs. Some sniff out bombs while others guide the blind. Dogs are invaluable when it comes to many things humans depend on.

In fact, I have a service dog myself. Fortunately for her, she gets to spend most of her “work days” lying about.

This doggo takes his position very seriously. Well, sorta. 😉 He is doing a great job when it comes to bonding with the staff.

In fact, his bonding skills are so strong, his employee relationships have reached a whole new level. I think he would ACE those employee trust exercises “fur” sure! LOL!

This hilarious encounter takes place in Italy where herds of sheep are guarded by all types of dogs. Even this type. HAHA!

Don’t work too hard there, doggo. You might actually hurt yourself. 😀

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