Stray Pups Covered In Cactus Needles Laid On Ground & Shook Uncontrollably In Pain

Two stray dogs got themselves into a very prickly situation while wandering around a woman’s front yard in Mesa, Arizona.

The pups, who are believed to be Chihuahua mixes, managed to get covered in cactus needles, which was extremely painful.

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When firefighters arrived, both dogs were lying on the ground, covered head to toe in needles. They were both shaking uncontrollably and were unable to move, due to the agonizing pain.

Firefighters helped pull out some of the needles, but the dogs were so afraid that they tried to get away.

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control/Facebook

They began rolling around and getting even more needles stuck in them, so the firemen knew it wasn’t a good idea to continue pulling the needles out without giving the dogs any pain meds or putting them under.

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control/Facebook

The firefighters brought them to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control’s veterinary clinic, where they put the dogs under anesthesia and spent several hours removing dozens of cactus needles one by one for their bodies.

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control/Facebook

The Chi mixes are now recovering at MCACC and already feeling so much better. They are both on antibiotics to make sure they don’t get any sort of infection from the cactus needles.

Since they weren’t microchipped, they will be put up for adoption if no one comes forward to claim them.

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