Dogs Run Away While On Walk, Then Return After Owners Come Up With Genius Idea

Dogs are known to be a bit mischievous. That’s just how they are. Sometimes, they play around, and other times, more often than not, they run away. And Charlie and Theo did exactly that.

John Hampson was walking Charlie (7) and Theo (15 months) when the fog began to get thick, and it got difficult to see. And it was then that the father and son dogs ran away.

The owners, Liz and Graham were devastated when they received the call. They couldn’t believe that they had disappeared.

“It was a horrible phone call. We called our family and messaged friends and put out an appeal for people to look out for them on Facebook and Twitter,” said Liz.

They immediately began searching for the dogs, doing everything to get them to come home. More than 120 people came to search for the 2 adorable pooches. But no luck. They seemed to be nowhere. After 96 hours of endless searching, they began to lose hope.

Then they came up with a brilliant idea. Why not cook sausages near the place they were last spotted?

“They absolutely love sausages. They have them every Sunday for breakfast, so if there was one food they were going to come back for, it was sausages,” said Hampson.

So they decided it would be worth a shot, and began to cook the sausages, in hopes that they would return.

And it didn’t take long for the dogs to smell the sausage, and follow the smell. And before they knew it, they were reunited with their owners.

“My husband ran up to the hill to grab them as I was just shaking and crying. I could not function,” said Liz.

They were beyond ecstatic that they were reunited, and didn’t have to worry about where they might be anymore, and if they were in danger. All their fears just vanished, and the world seemed right again.

We are so happy that these little guys were found before it was too late! They are so loved, and everyone is so glad they made it back home…even if it was just for some sausage!

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