Obedient Dogs Destroy Shed To Try To Tell Owners Of The Little One Inside

Scott and Nico were very surprised to find that their obedient dogs had been tearing at and destroying the shed out back.

Dad even boarded up the damage at one point, but the dogs kept going at it. Well, it turns out the good dogs were trying to tell their owners something all along…

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

One day, Mom and Dad followed Mango out back, and that’s when they finally heard it: the tiniest little meow coming from inside.

Now it all made perfect sense! But they had to wonder why a single kitten was inside of their shed.

They figured the little guy was maybe lost or orphaned and just looking for shelter. Scott and Nico took the baby in and gave it food and water.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

Although Nico is allergic to cats, she tried talking herself into keeping the kitty. But in the end, they knew the perfect person to take the kitten off their hands!

Watch the video below to see the rescue along with the kitty in his new home — it’s all thanks to these heroic dogs! 🙂

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