Dumped Disabled Puppy Smiles Again After 12-Yr-Old Boy Builds Her A Lego Wheelchair

Gracie was just a newborn puppy when she was mercilessly thrown away by her owners. She was found covered in maggots and had missing hair under her eyes.

She also had her front legs missing due to a birth defect. No one knew what troubles she had endured, but life was definitely not going to be easy for her.

Source: Amazinggracie.ga/Facebook | Amazing Gracie/YouTube

Gracie ended up being adopted by the Turley family, who run a shelter of their own. They already had a paralyzed dog and a 3-legged Chihuahua, and the sweet Gracie seemed to be perfect for the family.

However, the Turleys were worried about Gracie’s mobility because she was a growing puppy and was not eligible for a wheelchair fitting yet.

That’s when a 12-year-old volunteer named Dylan stepped in with a brilliant idea. He decided to build a makeshift wheelchair out of Lego, one that can be flexibly readjusted with Gracie’s growth!

This ingenious idea worked like magic, and Gracie was able to take her first effortless steps with the help of her special Lego wheelchair!

Source: Amazinggracie.ga/Facebook | Amazing Gracie/YouTube

When Gracie grew old enough, she was finally taken for her “forever” wheelchair fitting.

Today, Gracie is a bright, playful girl as she runs around in her wheelchair chasing balls and having fun with her siblings.

We are completely bowled over by Dylan’s impressive idea for an adjustable wheelchair. What a smart kid!

Click the video below to watch Gracie’s wonderful journey as she endures her life’s struggles with a sparkling smile!

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