Lost Dog Smothers Mom With Kisses When She Sees Her For First Time In 2 Years

Rebecca Bien had been without her beloved dog, Emmy Lou, for two years.

The Heeler-Border Collie mix ran off with a friend’s dog back in September 2017 and was nowhere to be found. But Bien never gave up and continued to look for her.

Bec E. Bien/Facebook

She took to social media to see if anyone had spotted her, but all of the sightings had been false alarms.

But Bien’s prayers were finally answered, and she finally reunited with her fur baby, who was picked up by Louisville Metro Animal Services.

Someone then contacted Bien through a Facebook group to let her know that Emmy Lou had been found.


When Emmy Lou was found, she had a collar on, which leads Bien to believe that she had some sort of home in the last two years.

She rushed to the Louisville shelter for a heartwarming reunion. Emmy Lou was just as happy to see her human again and couldn’t stop jumping on her and giving her kisses.


Aside from being thin, Emmy Lou is eating well and doing great. She has since been microchipped.

“She’s my best friend,” Bien told the Herald-Leader. “She calmed my severe anxiety and depression and with the year anniversary of my dad’s passing approaching, I can’t help but feel like he brought her home.”

Watch their heartwarming reunion here:

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